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McCarthy Counseling

Artifacting, Brain Mapping and Analysis Service

QEEG Brain Mapping Services

Complete Report Package for Neurofeedback 
(Includes Neuroguide Brain Maps with Thatcher Learning Disability Discriminant, TBI Discriminant Analysis and Severity Index, Z-scored LORETA images, Predicted Neuropsychological Scores, Map Insight Topographic Analysis, Eureka3 LORETA Images, and LUBAR Treatment Recommendations) -  $195.00

Neuroguide Database (FDA-approved)
Neuroguide swLORETA 1Hz brain maps (Raw; No Database) - $55.00
Neuroguide swLORETA 1Hz brain maps (Z-scored; Database)             
Neuroguide TBI Discriminant Analysis and Severity Index - $55.00
Neuroguide Learning Disability Discriminant Analysis $55.00
Predicted Neuropsychological Scores - $55.00
LUBAR Neurotherapy Treatment Recommendations - $55.00

Linked Ears Eyes Closed Laplachian Z-scores 
Linked Ears Eyes Closed Z-scores - $55.00
Linked Ears Eyes Open Z-scores - $55.00

swLORETA  Package
Eureka3! Nova Tech LORETA Analysis Eyes Closed (Raw; No Database) -$55.00
Eureka3! Nova Tech LORETA Topographical Analysis (Map Insight; Eyes Closed Adult Database 18-30) - $55.00
Complete Eureka3! Package (Combined Raw and Database Images) - $100.00

Neurofeedback Recommendations by Dr. Joel Lubar - $35.00
Q-Metrix Medical Reports - $350.00
Medical QEEG Report with specific medication recommendations - $600.00
Professional Consultation Rate (per hour) - $100.00                  
Extra set of color topographical maps - $25.00
Computer upload neuroimages via E-mail - FREE
CD containing neuroimages - FREE
Receive neuroimages via mail - FREE
Overnight Shipping and Handling - $10.00

Payment must be received via MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or Amex at time of request.  PayPal is our preferred payment method.

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